I am available!


Maybe it is a hassle for you to keep up with your website or you simply don’t have time?

Maybe you already own a website but need updating it?

Are there constantly changes needed to be made on your company website, or do you need help creating new e-mail accounts and remove old ones?

You want to worry about the efficiency of your website and not updating it on your own.

Old City Design Studio offers all kinds of support and upkeep.

There are several support solutions

– Frequently

– Seldom

– By Request

– Frequently states that we have an agreement where Old City Design Studio offers help 7 days a week and gives you the support you need.

– Seldom states that you need help from time to time. About 4 times a year, or montly. A semi-annual fee is included in this solution.

– By request states that you you pay for the webhost (domain name and design) annually and by request you get the support you need.