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Rack Card Design

Rack Card Design – Only $199

Use Old City Design Studio artistic expertise to create unique and invigorating rack card designs that can’t be ignored.
Rack cards are the mini-billboards of your business, deployed with perhaps more efficiency than any other marketing medium.

The quality of your rack card design makes all the difference. A rack card design that commands immediate attention compels travelers to pick up your rack card, while a poorly designed rack card does little more than collect dust.

The best rack cards are visually persuasive. They incorporate large images of people enjoying attractions and amenities.

Rack cards have heavy competition. There can be literally hundreds of other rack cards vying for your audience’s eyes, so it’s important that your rack cards stand out at first glance.

It’s very important to consider who is your target audience. Are you Business travelers? Vacationing families? Each one of these audiences is likely to respond to a different rack card design, so make sure your rack card designs cater to your audience.

The standard rack card size is 4 inches by 9 inches.