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Old City Design Studio is your One Stop Shop for all your custom Web and Graphic Design needs. Old City Design Studio is your personal designer and offers you a complete web development service and hosting to get you on the World Wide Web fast!

With an eye on attractive design, fast downloads and ease of navigation. Old City Design Studio provides small to medium businesses custom web design services at reasonable costs.


Internet will be the largest advertising segment in 2013 as it is claimed by the Institute for advertising and media statistics.

Investment in Internet advertising is approaching the level of use of the Internet.

Are you with us?

Old City Design Studio quickly creates unique, one-of-a-kind websites at a low cost. Whether it is for family photos or to promote your business, our reasonable prices suit everyone who wants to market themselves on the internet.

We will take your business to a higher level by creating a dynamic website that is very professional and exceeds everyone’s expectations. At Old City Design Studio you will get a high-quality web site for less money.

Test Old City Design Studio and discover the possibilities with your customized Internet Solution.

Old City Design Studio offers effective internet marketing systems for your needs at a reasonable price. We offer everything from internet strategy, internet marketing, conversion to contact management and statistics. We believe in customized, professional website made for internet marketing.

Whether you are looking for simple web pages or advanced internet solutions you have found the right place.

Customers are looking for three things:

– Professional results

– Competitive prices

– Comfortability

Old City Design Studio offers all of these things.

Which Internet solution is best for you?

We understand the importance of customer service. We will always be in contact as your web site is being designed and maintained. You will always be able to contact us – Old City Design Studio is just a phone call or e-mail away.

Contact us and we will discuss your needs, wishes and possibilities.

The most important thing for us is TRUST.