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Pirate & Treasure Museum is scheduled to open Wednesday

The Pirate & Treasure Museum, at 12 S. Castillo Drive, St Augustine, FL is scheduled to open Wednesday after months of construction and preparation.
The museum holds multiple rooms filled to the ceiling with original pirate artifacts, interactive movies and sounds, treasure hunts and games.
Owner of the museum Pat Croce hope that,museum will be coolest attraction in St. Augustine and will grow to be the best museum in the world.
Top things to do at the museum:
  • Take a picture with an original Jolly Roger pirate flag
  • Find all the hidden drawers (marked with a skull and cross bones) in the museum
  • Fire the cannons on the ship’s deck
  • See one of the last original treasure chests used by pirates
  • Read about the women pirates who wrecked as much havoc as the men